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Aviation Career Financing

Aviation Career Financing

Aviation Career Financing

Looking to start a career in aviation but not sure how to pay for it?


We now offer financing from two sources: Meritize and Meratas.

The names are similar, but they offer different options depending on your personal financial needs.

Meritize is a single source lender, like going to your local bank. They offer great service and rates if you qualify.

Meratas Lender Marketplace gives you personalized loan offers with multiple lending partners. Get instantaneous pre-qualifications to finance your education and general living expenses. No risk or impact on your credit score. All information, secured.

No matter which one you decide to go with, financing is hands down the fastest way to go from zero hours to flight instructor and beyond! You won’t have to throw away time relearning things when the money is there.

And finally, we have a great team of training support specialist to walk you through the process, answer all your training questions, and support you in your flight training adventure! Email us at: [email protected] Or call us at: 910.209.0722.