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Why Become a Pilot?

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Training with High Tide

Why Learn to Fly?

Flying is freedom. As a pilot, you'll soar above the earth, exploring the skies with an independence shared by only a select few individuals, and experience thrilling new perspectives. Pilots at High Tide Aviation have a unique opportunity to do so over the gorgeous coastlines of North Carolina and Georgia. The journey to earn your wings cultivates essential skills - from navigation to aircraft management. Whether your goal is a rewarding hobby or a fulfilling career, learning to fly offers unmatched personal and professional growth. Take control and discover the timeless allure of aviation.

Student Support Specialist

Personalized Guidance at High Tide

As such a specialized skill, flight training can be confusing on even its best day. We understand that each student comes to us with different learning preferences and a diverse range of experiences. To better support our students, we have an in-house Student Support Department and assign a specific support specialist to every High Tide student in Southport and St Simons Island.

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Finding Success at High Tide

Southport and St Simons Island Flight School

Our graduates' paths vary widely, reflecting the flexibility and broad appeal of our training. Some now enjoy flying as a recreational hobby, savoring the freedom of the skies on their terms. Others have turned their passion into careers, working as commercial pilots or flight instructors. This video demonstrates some of the highlights of flying with High Tide.

First-time Pilots

Become a Pilot at High Tide

Welcome to High Tide Aviation, the top-rated training center for airplane and helicopter pilots from both Southport, NC, and St Simons Island, GA. Setting off on your pilot journey is straightforward and involves just three simple steps:

1. Meet The Team

Reach out and connect with a member of the High Tide team. We’re eager to understand your aspirations in aviation and explore how we can support you in achieving those dreams.

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2. Visit High Tide

Come and see our facilities and fleet at either of our locations. Experience a discovery flight with one of our Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) and get a real feel of what it’s like to train and fly with High Tide Aviation.

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3. Start Flying

Whether you aim to fly as a career or just for the sheer joy of it, High Tide Aviation is here to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to be a safe and proficient pilot.

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Take Your First Flight

Introductory Flights at High Tide Aviation

Join High Tide Aviation for an introductory flight that combines hands-on flying with spectacular views of coastal landmarks. In Southport, you'll fly over the historic Southport Pier, Oak Island Lighthouse, and Fort Caswell, capturing unique perspectives only seen from the sky. From St Simons Island, your route includes the iconic St Simons Lighthouse, lush Sea Island Golf Course, and the majestic Sidney Lanier Bridge. Each flight is an opportunity to pilot an aircraft and explore scenic vistas that highlight the beauty and history of these coastal regions.

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I earned my private pilot license through High Tide out of St Simons Island, GA. They are an excellent program with a great cadre of instructors. I am very thankful to have had such a great team to help me start this journey into aviation!

- Jake B.