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Ground School

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Ground School Training is available in

  • Southport, NC
  • St Simons Island, GA
Ground School

What is Ground School?

High Tide Aviation's ground school is where your aviation dreams take flight. As the first step in pilot training, our program equips you with the essential knowledge every pilot needs. Guided by our expert instructors - seasoned aviators themselves - you'll explore a wide range of subjects, from the principles of flight and aircraft operations to navigation, weather, flight planning, and federal regulations. Through interactive lessons and practical exercises, you'll learn to think and act like a pilot.

Safety is paramount throughout your ground school experience. You'll not only master the technical skills, but also develop the confidence to operate an aircraft responsibly and confidently. Whether you're pursuing recreational flying or a professional pilot career, High Tide's ground school lays the groundwork for a lifetime of aviation success.

Upon completion, you'll be fully prepared to ace the FAA written examination - a crucial milestone on your journey to a Private Pilot License (PPL). But this is more than just preparation for a test; it's an immersive experience that sets you on course for the skies.

Program Prerequisites

Before joining us, ensure you meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum Age: Must be at least 16 years old to enroll in ground school.

Enrollment Process

Ready to take the first step towards your aviation goals? Here's how:

  • Choose Your Program: Select the course that aligns with your aspirations, available in both North Carolina and Georgia.

  • Contact Us: Call the team at High Tide Aviation to reserve your spot or pick up a registration form from our office.

  • Get Started: Complete your enrollment and get ready for an incredible learning experience.

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Cost Estimates

Private Pilot

Your first step toward the skies.

Offered every fall and spring semester

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  • In-depth study of aerodynamics, weather, and navigation
  • Understanding of instruments, preflight planning, and regulations
  • Mastery of radio communications and flight procedures
  • Preparedness for the FAA Private Pilot written exam
  • Prices do not include books and supplies

Instrument Rating

Elevate your piloting with instrument mastery.

Offered every fall and spring semester

Starting at


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  • Training for instrument rating status
  • Courses on instrument flying and navigation systems
  • Knowledge of Federal Aviation Regulations and aeromedical factors
  • Preparedness for the FAA Instrument Pilot written exam
  • Prices do not include books and supplies

Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones)

Offered every fall and spring semester

Starting at


Start Drone Training
  • Introduction to commercial and recreational drone uses
  • Comprehension of regulations, weather, and airspace
  • Focus on human factors and drone performance
  • Preparation for the FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Knowledge Test
  • Prices do not include books and supplies

One-on-One Ground School

Contact us to set up your personalized ground school instruction in Southport or St Simons Island.

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  • Full range of instruction available
  • Cater ground school to your schedule
  • Personalized support

*Please note all prices are approximate and based on FAA minimums*

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