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Private Pilot Training is available in

  • Southport, NC
  • St Simons Island, GA
Private Pilot

What is a Private Pilot Certificate?

A Private Pilot Certificate is the first significant step for individuals aspiring to pilot aircraft. It authorizes the holder to operate aircraft for personal and business purposes under visual flight rules (VFR), which require clear weather conditions where the pilot must be able to see where the aircraft is going. This certification opens up new horizons, allowing pilots to fly single-engine aircraft during the day or night, provided they stay out of commercial airspace and adhere to all aviation regulations.

The journey to obtaining a Private Pilot Certificate involves rigorous training, both practical and theoretical. Candidates must complete a minimum number of flying hours and pass a series of written exams that test their understanding of aircraft operations, navigation, weather, and aviation law. The training equips pilots with the necessary skills to handle an aircraft safely, understand weather impacts on flying, and make informed decisions in real-time flying situations. Ultimately, this certification lays the foundational skills for all advanced pilot training.

Program Prerequisites

Before joining us, ensure you meet the following criteria:

  • Completion of Ground School: Must have successfully completed the Ground School training to understand the theoretical aspects of flying.

  • Medical Certificate: Obtain a medical certificate from an FAA-certified aviation medical examiner.

  • Minimum Age: Must be at least 17 years old to obtain the Private Pilot training program.

Enrollment Process

Ready to take the first step towards your aviation goals? Here's how:

  • Meet Our Instructors: Connect with High Tide’s private pilot experts in Southport, NC, and St Simons Island, GA.

  • Tour Our Facilities: Take an introductory flight and explore our training centers tailored for private pilots.

  • Begin Training: Enroll at High Tide Aviation and start your journey to becoming a private pilot.

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Private Pilot

The foundation of your aviation journey.

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  • 30 hours of dual flight instruction (Cessna 172)
  • 10 hours of solo flight
  • Required supplies
  • FAA Written Test
  • Access to IFR-certified aircraft
  • Final check ride evaluation

Zero to Hero Program

Full-range training for aspiring pilots.

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  • All-inclusive from Private to CFI/CFII/MEI
  • Full support at your selected training location
  • Customized training schedule

*Please note all prices are approximate and based on FAA minimums*

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